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Regan Holds Press Conference in Response to Wolf Threatening Local Business

5/14/20 - Senator Mike Regan & Brad Shepler, Shep’s Barber Shop

Yesterday I held a press conference at Shep’s Barber Shop in Enola, a small business like so many others that have waited patiently to be able to reopen while watching big box stores reap the benefits of this pandemic with no restrictions on their operations. 

Brad Shepler, the sole proprietor of Shep’s, is a Navy veteran who simply wants to provide for his family. Having reached his financial limits after being closed for eight weeks, Brad chose to reopen his shop, and in turn, was served a cease and desist order by Governor Wolf, threatening to strip him of his barber license and impose outrageous fines.

This type of government overreach is not okay. The Governor and his administration have trampled on our Constitutional rights for far too long.

And since Governor Wolf is not willing to work with the legislature or listen to the medical professionals saying it is time to start reopening because social isolation is doing more harm than the actual virus, I am calling on President Trump to tap US Attorney General William Barr and the US Attorneys for Pennsylvania to step in and defend Pennsylvania’s law-abiding citizens whose livelihoods are being threatened and destroyed. (Letter)

Above, you can watch my remarks, along with Brad’s, or click here to watch the entire press conference, which included fellow Cumberland County legislative delegation members from the Senate and the House.


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