‘Voters Should Decide’ Says Regan While Supporting Constitutional Amendment Measures Approved by Senate

HARRISBURG – State Sen. Mike Regan (R-31, Cumberland and York counties) today voted for legislation approved by the Senate that would allow Pennsylvania voters to decide the fate of three state constitutional amendments intended to strengthen state elections, overturn excessive regulations and give child sexual abuse victims access to justice.

“Voters should decide these issues through the state constitutional amendment process,” Regan said. “I trust the voters and believe they should have the final say on these issues.”

Senate Bill 1 would enable Pennsylvania voters to accept or reject three proposed state constitutional amendments.

The first proposed constitutional amendment would require Pennsylvania voters to provide a valid form of identification before casting their ballots in an election.

“People in the district I’m honored to represent and across our Commonwealth have been calling for enhanced election security,” Regan said. “We should allow the voters to decide if they’re willing to show a valid form of identification before voting in order to protect and defend the integrity of elections in Pennsylvania.”

The second proposed constitutional amendment would give Pennsylvanians a stronger voice in the state regulatory process by enabling their elected representatives to overturn excessive regulations enacted by the governor and agencies in his administration. The measure would enable the state Legislature through a majority vote to overturn administration regulations. A two-thirds vote currently is required for the Legislature to reject a regulation.

“Pennsylvania workers are missing out on good-paying jobs because unelected bureaucrats are enacting excessive regulations that push companies out of our Commonwealth or out of business,” Regan said. “This is a commonsense measure to make it easier for the Legislature to free Pennsylvanians from excessive and overreaching regulations.”

The third proposed constitutional amendment would enable victims of child sexual abuse to seek justice they may have been denied in the past. Current statute of limitations provisions prevent child sexual abuse victims from seeking justice after they turn 30 years old. The constitutional amendment would open a two-year window for victims of child sexual abuse to sue their abusers.

Prior to serving first in the state House and now in the state Senate, Regan previously served in the U.S. Marshal Service as the commander of the fugitive task force. Regan and his colleagues took many child predators off the street.

“In my prior life in law enforcement, I saw first-hand the carnage caused by child predators,” Regan said. “This constitutional amendment would give Pennsylvania voters the opportunity to decide whether child sexual abuse victims should have their day in court.”

Senate Bill 1 with all three constitutional amendment proposals now heads to the state House for consideration.

Residents are encouraged to follow Regan by visiting his website at www.SenatorMikeReganPa.com.


MEDIA CONTACT: Bruce McLanahan

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