Regan Supports Voter ID Constitutional Amendment

HARRISBURG – Today, Senator Mike Regan (R – Cumberland/York) spoke and voted in support of legislation proposing a constitutional amendment to require photo identification each time a voter casts a ballot.

“As a member of the Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform, I have heard from not only constituents but Pennsylvanians from across the Commonwealth, who demand and deserve to have confidence in our election system,” Regan stated. “One very simple way to start to build that confidence is through a voter identification requirement.”

Currently, voters are only required to show identification the first time they vote at a polling place.

Senate Bill 735, as a constitutional amendment, allows the voters themselves to decide whether or not identification should be required every time a person votes.

“Proving one’s identity is not a novel concept. Nor is it questioned any time we are asked for proof that we are who we say we are,” noted Regan. “Except by the other side of the aisle when it is suggested as a requirement for voting.”

Regan continued by pointing out the dichotomy of Democratic members opposing voter ID while fighting for proof of vaccination to access a building or service.

“We are not asking for peoples’ personal health information,” stated Regan. “We are simply asking each voter to confirm they are who they say they are when they go to cast their ballot.”

Senate Bill 735 now goes to the House for consideration. Constitutional amendments must pass both chambers in two consecutive legislative sessions.


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