Regan Issues Statement in Response to Governor’s Juneteenth Email

On Friday, I was contacted by a Pennsylvania State Trooper who was in receipt of an email sent by Governor Wolf to all Commonwealth employees under his jurisdiction informing them of the Juneteenth holiday, to be marked with a day off on June 18th

In attempting to explain the significance of Juneteenth,  a profound moment in American history which celebrates the end of slavery in America, the Governor chose to make a completely off-base statement about “the continued deaths of African Americans at the hands of police” and attacks against Asian Americans. 

The Governor’s complete disregard for the thousands of State Troopers on the receiving end of that insensitive and politically charged email is a disgrace to the office he holds and to the people of this Commonwealth, especially our men and women in blue that serve and protect day in and day out – including the Governor’s own security detail.

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