Public Hearing on Fire and EMS Issues


Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee

August 24, 2020 | 11:30 a.m.

Pike County Training Center (and Zoom)
135 Pike County Blvd.
Lords Valley, PA 18428

Call to Order

Opening Statements

Chairman Mike Regan
Democrat Chair Pam Iovino
Senator Lisa Baker


Pike County – 2018 Assessment of Emergency Medical Services Report

Matthew Osterberg, Chairman
Ronald Schmalzle, Vice Chairman
Steve Guccini, Commissioner
Pike County Board of Commissioners

Tim Knapp,
Emergency Management Director, Pike County – Pike County Study
Chief, Forest Volunteer Fire Department

Frank Tarquinio, President
Milford Borough Council

SR 6 (Fire & EMS) Commission Update Report

            Bruce Trego, Commissioner
            Office of PA Fire Commissioner

            Dylan Ferguson, Director
            Bureau of EMS
            PA Department of Health

Jerry Ozog, Executive Director
PA Fire & Emergency Services Institute

Don DeReamus, Board Member – Legislative Chair
Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania

County Public Safety Authorities

Lisa Schaefer, Executive Director
County Commissioners Association of PA 

Sen.  Tim Kearney, 26th Senatorial District



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